DressAfford hostess gowns for wedding

Ion Kno why Bitches Be Tryna Act Like Like they don’t kno my body, first off I’m 20, I Go Go LaGuardia Community College & Major In LPN (Nursing) .. I get As n Bs plus’s I Work Full Time, I have a 2 bedroom apartment wit a roommate. And my pops gave me a 2015 Lincoln as a graduation gift. Besides that I Get to it and everybody that kno me ? kno that’s a fact ? I did more then a lot of yu bitches and I was incarcerated ona island as a adolescent for a city year ? “just I minor set back to a major comeback, “ cuz nfs I came home to nothing and never hated. I just maintained and waited on my blessings. Now my bag long and everytime y’all see me I’m dressed in designer, and I definitely have tags n receipts for everything I own. I’m not at top but I’m good regardless, And nah I’m not perfect but even doe I catch cases and I be in these streets I’m not just some hood nigga... I got goals, morals values, and big dreams so if yu not on my level do not send for me, cuz yu kno how I’m comin DressAfford hostess gowns for wedding ? I don’t brag and I will continue to humble my self but like I said before ? when yu mention my name just speak factz ??‍♂️