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Guys! Check out this beer! It was crafted SPECIFICALLY for Allied Arts Council Lethbridge , whom I work for. Why? Because next week we are celebrating our 60th anniversary with a fundraiser.

We don't actually do many fundraisers, so this one is pretty important... and it's going to be BITCHIN'. That's right, I said it!
There's going to be a cocktail bar, a martini bar, a desert bar, musicians playing all over the building, swing dance classes, a silent auction, a prize draw for a diamond and an incredible wooden ammolite sculpture by one of my favourite local artists (Roger McMullin). There's also going to be other fundraiser activities like paper marbling, clay tiles, button making and of course, in true fundraiser fashion, a silent auction. DressAfford latest cocktail collections online

The Allied Arts Council does really important work in the community (teaching classes, providing artist opportunities, inexpensive rehearsal and studio spaces, advocating for the Performing Arts Centre, advocating for local artists and their work, helping artists find work,etc.)

So, for you, my artist and art advocate friends, this is one that really shouldn't be missed.

Also, the dress code is snappy casual and/or funky formal... so, that's reason enough to come.

ALSO, I've taken it upon myself to try and sell the most tickets, it's a secret competition that my coworkers don't know about... but Claire Marie said if I win she will buy me a ring pop, so... I need your help, friends. (It's a ringpop, because 60 years is the diamond anniversary.)

60 Years Young! Celebrate the Allied Arts Council