detachable wedding dresses

We made it! ? ? 25 years!
Our wedding plans were sorted out on the road!
We posted our invites from The Whitsundays, picked out a wedding dress in Sydney, confirmed our wine in the Coonawarra and rolled into Port Lincoln just before our big day! The bridesmaids were still sewing their own dresses on the morning we got married as Nigel paddled his surf ski along the glassed out foreshore thinking of his big speech for the night which revolved about how he carefully selected a bride with a good size nose so his kids had half a chance of having a ‘normal’ nose! detachable wedding dresses
Nick Vladkof and the High School quintet played as I walked down the isle with Dad and Mum on either side. Our gorgeous little nieces and nephews sang us a song after we secured our vows and bolted out the church doors for an icy cold champagne in the courtyard. (Yes we did leave before the final prayer.) It was a day similar today but add a furher 10 degrees!
It was a perfect night at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club eating fresh seafood and dancing to ‘Dick and the Horns’. We had a ritual late night swim before going to the Tasman. (Haha something’s never change, I wasn’t missing out on a good time)
Three dogs, two birds and two kids later we are still together! - Nigel, me and my inseparable family and friends!
We celebrated this morning by simply looking through our wedding album and cherishing our family, friends but mostly the amount of hair some still have or had! ?? ? ??‍♀️
We have been through good times and bad, rich times and poor. We have had sickness and health and after all of that we have actually chosen to love and to cherish each other; from this day forward until death do us part!!