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Last year Tara Palmer Tomkinson died six days after the 2017 Super Bowl, which was that year a mega Ishtar ritual. There were also Ishtar clues connected to Tara's death also. As this memory popped up this morning, i thought I might check out the number of days between her death and this years Super Bowl, and there we had it, the full circle, 360days/degrees!
Don't EVER be fooled into thinking that what goes on in the USA via these huge ritualistic events has nothing to do with Britain, more specifically the British Royal Family, because they are intertwined like ivy round a tree.
This year they had two "stars" Pink and Justin Timberlake acting out the role of high Priest/Priestess, and both have shown via their music and videos and other things, that they are directly linked to MK Ultra mind control.
Pink "channelled" Whitney Houston to sing the Star Spangled Banner, whilst Justin "resurrected" Prince complete with his silhouette appearing to have a demonic tail. Prince had requested that he never be brought back this way as he felt it was indeed demonic.
To cut a very long story short, Whitney was a goddess sacrifice for the Queens 60th reign anniversary in February 2012, and Prince died on her 90th Birthday 2016. 60/90..6/9.
And they had Prince singing "I'd DIE for you"!!!! Like this is how sick these people are, and the masses whooped it up and loved it!!!

Justin, Pink and Saturn are all equal to 119 in Jewish Gematria.

Justine Timberlake in English and simple Gematria equals : 1134/189
A New Order of the ages in English and simple Gematria equals : 1134/189

Prince Charles in English Simple Gematria equals: 786/131
I'd Die For You in English Simple Gematria equals: 786/131
SUPERBOWL in English Simple Gematria equals : 786/131

In a seemingly unrelated story the brother of Sex in the City actress Kim Cattrall has been found dead, after being reported missing last week. (Note the Isis in missing)

They always like to bring the name Chris/Christopher/Christina etc to the ritual, the King/Christ.

Chris Cattrall in English Simple Gematria equals: 864/144
Prince William in English Simple Gematria equals: 864/144

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8th February, the 39th day of the year, and "It Girl" Tara Palmer Tomkinson dies. Tara is the name of the goddess wife of Shiva, and is another variation of the ... mother goddess. (ISis, Ishtar, Aphrodite etc.)
It is the name of one thee most sacred sites of ancient Ireland, the Hill Of Tara, seat of the ancient Kings.
Tara was of course the daughter of the very close friends of Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales Camilla. They all go skiing together. Just have a look at the image the BBC put on their site of Tara, in her red ski suit with the sun burst logo on the arm! Along with footage of her attending the wedding of William and Kate all in royal blue but coincidentally beside three bishops.
As I said, 39th day of the year, and 39 is the magical 3x13. Tomorrow will therefore be the number of the goddess day 40th day of the year, 9th February. It will also be a full moon, and the 15th anniversary of the death of the queen's sister Princess Margaret. This will bring the girl with the royal connections and no doubt dressed in her royal blue into the media, with her goddess name which is also sacred to the land of Atlantis/Ireland and on the date connected to Princess Margaret. garments which is affordable in 50 of the prom
Tara was born two days after the winter Solstice 1971 (23/12).
But of course, it will all be just coincidence!