not ordinary but simple items for wedding at beach

Friends in our area, a good friend and guest of mine at Kay Jewelers lost her two precious treasures. Her engagement ring we custom made and a Levian ring. Please share and be on the look out!

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Yesterday on the way to a wedding shower I stopped to get some ice outside of Houston Lake Liquor Store. I was a little flustered and trying to hurry. I had taken off my rings and placed them in my lap on the way there to put on lotion. I usually am one to put them right back on but for some reason I was more worried about the fact that my nails were looking rough so I kept messing with them. When I pulled in, I went to grab money and opened the door to step out and I guess the rings slipped down my long dress and fell to the ground when I stepped out. One of the rings was my engagement ring and the other ring I had just bought three days ago. I didn’t realize it until someone asked me where my ring was towards the end of the wedding shower. I tried not to panic and went back to look at the store and they weren’t there. I then thought maybe they were at the house. That maybe I really never put them on to begin with. I was trying to think positive. I rushed home to find that they were not there. not ordinary but simple items for wedding at beach
Someone had to pick them up from the parking lot! If anyone see these rings on a website, on a person or finds these.... please contact me! There is a reward of $500 is offered for its safe return!!!!