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Happy 70th Mom! ?

When Mom was 50 ? , John and I announced we were pregnant and we gave her the gift of her first grandchild. The skies parted ☁️ ? ? as she was no longer Mom, she was a Nana.

When Nana turned 60 ? , Mackenzie was 9 and Zoe was 6. We had a dinner party for her and the only thing she wanted to know was, would the girls be there? When she arrived and after some chit chat, we told Nana we hired a stripper ? for her and he would be dressed as the Domino’s pizza ? delivery guy The “stripper” ? was actually the Domino's delivery guy for the kid's dinner. Our practical joke was in motion. Her chief concern was her grandchildren, but she managed to ask us if we had $1 ? for the “stripper.” The Domino’s delivery guy was probably never the same when he knocked on our front door ? .

Today, Nana turns 70 ? . We had a dinner party for her this past weekend without practical jokes this time or any parting of the skies kind of homecoming of a newborn baby. Her primary question about her dinner party was would Mackenzie and Zoe be at dinner.

You know that moment ⌛️ in your own life when you realize, I remember when my Mom or Dad (or someone important to you) was the age I am now. And the skies part, and you experience one of the cycles of life moments. I often have those moments as Mom and I are just 19 years apart. Statistics are stacked against teenage Moms and their children. Yet we made it in large part because Mom had a bigger vision red club dresses ? for herself at 19, 20, 21... she also held that vision for me and for Anna and now her granddaughters. Her motto is keep moving forward. ??‍♀️

I hope when the skies ☁️ ? ? part and I become a Nana, I’m half the Nana she is to our kids.

Happy 70th Mom, we LOVE so very much!