satin cocktail dress

Things I’ve learned in life:

On Feb 16 my youngest, who is almost 24, will be getting married and doing the big, permanent, not coming back, move out. I’ve been busy helping her run errands, get paperwork done, find a dress, all those things usually done over a year, we are doing in 4 weeks (there will be a big wedding in October, this is just because the distance is too much, and her heart is with him, it’s time for them to be married).

I have not done dishes in 2 days, there’s piles of laundry everywhere. I was doing some sewing for someone else and the mess is still sitting where I left it two days ago. Guess what? The world didn’t collapse. When God numbered our days and sent Jesus so that we may have abundant life, I’m pretty sure that he didn’t mean the priority should be ‘company ready’ at all times. While looking at bridesmaid dresses with the maid of honor, we had time to minister to her heart. While going to pay on her dress and try it on for alterations, my daughter had a moment with her father that she can hold forever in her memory. satin cocktail dress

I’ve talked to a lot of older, Godly, women. Not a single one of them has ever told me they wished they had spent more time cleaning or busy, and less time with their loved ones. Today, don’t let the busy stuff and to do lists, stress you out. Sit down, play the card game. Do the unexpected ice cream run in your jammies, close the door on the room that ‘has’ to be cleaned and go for a walk with the dog. Yes we need order in our lives but it doesn’t have to run our lives. Take a deep breath, exhale a thank you to God for your abundance and LIVE! ❤️

*for the sake of vulnerability, transparency and authenticity, I’ll add a before and after picture ? # swipe # faith # abundantliving # lovewhatmatters # youmatter # christianliving # christianwoman