sheath styled items to wear of the wedding

'The Carefully Folded Fabric'

The carefully folded fabric, was a little like her life
Freshly laundered and pressed, and kept out of sight
Wrapped in tissue paper, and placed high upon a shelf
Where no one can touch it, it was so much like herself

Purchased long ago, for that special day she'd planned
To make a dress of dreams, to walk towards her man
To hear the 'Ooohs' and 'Arhhhs' of those who'd come to see
Her say 'I do' to the one she loved, for now and eternity

She touches it gently, careful not to crush or stain
As she does, her heart begins to swell with the pain
And memories wrapped along with it, fall softly free
Leaving her with visions of what it should have been

She should have been a wife, keeping house and home
Not living a recluse, locked away and now alone
Should have been a mother, with grandkids on the way
Listening to them chatter and watching them at play

The life she had dreamed of, was taken from her grasp
She had almost held it, but it had vanished like the past
In a moment, in a breath, his life had come to cease
Leaving her with heartache and robbing her of peace

They laid him, neat and tidy, dressed in Sundays Best
The wedding suit he'd ordered, with his silky satin vest
She'd placed upon his heart, her ring he'd given her
And those close by heard her say 'I do' in softest whisper

Tears still find find their way upon her aging cheeks
The time since that day, has not made easy these last years
In her heart, she gave herself to the one for all of time
And there would never be for her, another to call 'Mine'

She became just like her fabric, folded and placed up high
Waiting for the moment, when it would be her time to die
Neatly laid within the satin box, dressed in her Sunday best sheath styled items to wear of the wedding
In a dress of silken fabric, the same as 'Someone's' vest

I am Vashti Libidine