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ยค Text; Matthew16vs26...

Matthew16vs26; For what is a man profited, if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?
What shall a man give in exchange of His soul???

Calvary Greetings my Beloved Brethren; Good morning and how was your night?
I am here to ask you a question that needs an urgent answer, its a question that have many things to do with ur soul & eternity!
Its a question every believer that is striving to enter d narrow gate, running a race to meet his or her reedemer by and by at rapture or death!

Beloved; haaaaaaa Have you counted the cost???
I repeat, have you counted the cost???
Have you counted the very cost if your soul should be lost???
Haaaa Here we are talking about your soul here not your body, for if a believer is physically challenged with one illness,diseases,deformity or disability while on earth, he or she will immediately be made whole when he or she wear the spirit of immortality for in heaven, all things are made perfect...
Yes Jesus knew what he is saying when he says if thy right hand or leg offend thee, cut it off for it is better to get to heaven maimed and crippled than all your full body to be thrown inside hell for all eternity!
It is indeed a parable, or what is the use of a whole body who will rest not day nor night? Hour nor minutes or seconds in hell by and by?
But in heaven where a loving and eternal God dwells,all things are perfect there, no sorrow, pain, suffering or disability in heaven yes the God that is capable to give all humans eternal life will make this happen...

While then will you try to over pamper that very body that may be use for firewood in hell for all eternity if it leads you there???
You overpamper your body, giving it all it wants.
Your body suggest secret fornication,adultery,masturbation because of the ecstacy you will feel thereat in the act forgetting it wont last and it is you defiling temple of God and you know the punishment it attract or have you ever see an human dash into a sacred place to do whatever it likes to the shrine of a plank,craven,dumb,deaf,wood man-made gods???

- You decide to decorate your body that will soon turn to dust, the food for maggots and neglect the very important one(soul)...
Haaaa.. Oh ye human, who have bewitched you??? Is it until God comes down from heaven to tell you that this,this and this are sin before you will admit? Even though believers have shown you o'er and o'er again in the bible? But your stubborn heart wont let you yield haaaa... An adage says ''a dog that will be lost/lose the real way will never heed to the whistle of its master''...
Haaaa... Of what benefit is that make up whose origin is from the aborted baby do to your soul?
rather than make you appear as your grand mother jezebel(2kings9vs30) or is that very verse not explanatory enough haaa???

- Or that attachment,human hair precisely taken from the gods temple which are dedicated to them haaaa are we that gullible enough to discern?
Brazilian hair, is it nothing to you that something is fishy here?
Haaaa... This devil is very wicked...

- Or that your ear that you can do without puting that earring in it?
Have you ever not put it in your ear & look at mirror & see you resemble animal or ugly?
Some of you will even pierce like three places haaaa... You will give account if you dont repent for God have given his verdict concerning this in genesis35vs1-4...
Ye have mingle with the world at haran adopting their lifestlye so for me to be ur God & you my children again, remove all those earring in your ears, in your hands(which are bangles,hand bands,hand chain) & it under an oak, God did not say go & sell it or dash it out to ur friends you want to end up in hell you are avoiding, if you are willing this hour to repent, destroy those jwelleries or throw it inside a soak away, dont dash it out or sell... short evening dresses

- Or that your body that you want to deck with garment of lust and seduction to fall the mighty and God's creature...
Putting on mini skirt, skimpy dresses, bump short, tight dress as a christian sister even though it cover all your body but yet revealing your body cleavage, trousers, sagging, wearing a worldly haircut... Haaaa... What a careless soul!
Repent for what u think & say does not matter wil mata on d judgement day but then it wil b too late to repent!

Refrain from envyiness,slander,libel,unforgiveness,anger,revilling,pride...

Haaaa... Dont be a preacher in hell!
Haaa... Dont migrate from church to hell by being a religionist, christianity is a lifestlye so live it...
Haaaa... Dont be a radical preacher at the great tribulation for chance will be slim so dont take chance, if you dont do the above you wont die...

The time is fast spent, haaa The day is fast approaching!
Rapture will not be a movie but a reality, be ready!

More grace to u all!

Have you counted the cost?

Bro Godswill KADIRI.