short homecoming wears in white

Come on someone, do this with me! Facebook is supposed to be social so let's learn about each other....
? Tattoos.........3
? Piercings.........2
? Marriages.......1
? Divorces..........1 and I hate being a divorcée ewwww lol
? Children...........2 fur babies
? Surgeries...........3 major, numinous procedures
? Broken a bone.....rib and toes pretty good for not really drinking milk. Fractured my vertibrae in high school and I'm sure I broke my hip after a fall off a horse because I couldn't walk for a week but wouldn't go to hospital! I got on that horse as soon as I could after because you always get back on that horse if you fall and that's a rule lol!
? Shot a gun........yes I love shooting a .22 but have shot a shotgun and the recoil was too much. Have been hunting and I love hunting but I don't know if I could actually shoot a deer? I love the hike and the anticipation of the hunt and even love field dressing a deer but don't like the surprise of a gun shooting lol I jump so high! I like to know when your going to shoot so I can plug my ears! ?
Quit a job....... yes kinda and felt bad but they kinda also let me go so it was mutual but they offered my job back but I found my awesome job at DQ that I love ❤️ ! But I have stayed working many miserable jobs until I finished or they didn't need me anymore! Omg I have hated one job and I used to cry every time I had to go and it was a placement so I didn't even get paid I was so happy when I finished!!!!! ?
Flown on a plane.....yes when I was a kid with my granny and a few times as an adult alone!
? Speak a foreign language... ..speak some French but can read and understand spoken French and also some Spanish and actually I catch myself speaking it sometimes lol
? Gone zip almost did in Mexico but wanted to go horseback riding on the beach instead but never ended up doing it ?
? Fell in love........yes and no regrets! But I also fell in love with myself and it was the best thing ever and everyone should love themselves no matter what! You are worth it!!!!
? Had your heart broken.....yes and many times but I will always give my heart no matter that I know it might get broke again!
? Skipped school...yes lol usually stayed at the school in library but a few times skipped with a boy lol ?
? Watched someone give birth.....on tv and I cried because it's scary but such a miracle! But omg ouch I don't know if I could do it but I wish I could experience it once at least
? Watched someone die.....yes and it was so sad but I will treasure such a special moment to have held my grandpa Alberts hand as he crossed over and sharing in his final moments of his life. I know I want someone to hold my hand when I go. But I rather go peacefully in my sleep idk I don't want to die yet so hopefully I don't have to worry too much about it now lol
? Ridden in an ambulance....yes once here in Ontario and once in Mexico!
? Sang karaoke........yes and came in second in a contest signing 18 wheels and a dozen roses in high school!
? Had a pet.......... yes many many many pets but mostly farm pets and stray or hurt wild animals! Ask mom about the baby bird I asked her to check on for me once!!!! Not funny mom but man o man it's a funny story!
? Been downhill skiing... Yes after a teacher took me down with me on their skis because I got to the top of the hill and was too scared to go down and I cried..... after that I was bombing down the hill!
? ? Rode a motorbike....yes but I hate riding bitch and rather be the driver and in charge of my own life lol and rather not ride a motorcycle because motorists are sometimes careless when driving and when it comes to motorcycles....just to dangerous. I suppose though if it's like riding a horse I would love driving a motorcycle and the feeling of freedom???? Idk never drove on the open rode only dirt bikes and a few times rode on a bike on a back road and I told them don't go fast lol
? Rode a horse........yes finally rode a horse at a march break camp for kids and I was like 29/30 lol I fell in love with the old school horse and he ended being my soulmate and I bought him rode him for a year and then retired him as he lived his golden few years he had left on my farm. I loved that Mr Pepsi he was born in 1979 and he was a good old horse! But also had other horses I rode but he was my favorite and I felt safe on him! I wish I had a horse now!!!! I miss having animals! Farm girl at heart and someday I will have one again! short homecoming wears in white
? Stayed in a hospital......even though I'm stubborn and don't like to go there! yes I have a few times but the best one was in Mexico even though it cost a bit to stay there supposedly the food was sooooo good and like fancy meals, but I was on iv Valium so I don't really remember lol like I'm talking steak and lobster type meals that you would pay so much for here in Canada at a restaurant. Well you pay there too but it's a hospital, usually you get bland food and jello here.
? Rode in the back of police and never will! Don't ya know good girls are just bad girls that don't get caught lol jk
?? Been in a bar fight........yes I don't like rude sloppy drunks especially rude sloppy drunk guys/boys who talk to much or bump into and don't say sorry! I might be little and a girl but I'm feisty and I don't back down if I know I'm right! And you will say sorry eventually hahahaha but I don't go looking for trouble I go to have fun and I'm usually a happy drunk! ?

Lol lots of little stories enjoy reading and have some fun and share this it's fun!

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