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One of my short story. I dedicate it to myself

Is Marriage a curse or a blessing?

As I had the African drummers sounding the talking drum from a distance, I was drawn to the sweet sound of gumbay music, I ran towards the drums and dancing my way through the crowd of people, as I arrived in the centre of the crowd of people, I saw doctors olao singing married dae ya. yellow selections for cocktail

The bride and Groom was dancing, friends and families dancing with them and sharing their joyful moment,
I saw my father in the middle of crowd dancing and holding a bottle of starr beer in his right hand.
The bride was beautiful, her wedding dress suit her and her makeup was natural, however she looks like me in an older version, the Kanu family we all look alike, the bride was my Aunty. The joy in her face was unimaginable.
I wanted to be like her, I promise myself on that day that I will put on a bridal dress and a bouquet, I will throw a massive party for everyone in my village. I always dreamt of that day when I will have my Prince charming and be the happiest woman alive.

However everyone will enjoy with you and celebrate with you but at the same time you will be the only one in your marriage life journey.

If marriage is a celebration of love, friendship,
Marriage brings common and people together.
Marriage bring happiness and joy.
Marriage is God blessing
Marriage is finding your soulmate
Marriage prevents you from sexual remitted infections as you only sleep with one partner

Then why do we have a high divorcé rate in our generation? What are we not doing right or do we still value marriage as our four fathers did?

By Francess Kay.